June 18, 2024


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Beginners Guide to Real Estate Investing Strategies

The very first thing a beginner would need to do before investing in real estate would be to set his priorities right. He needs to decide upon the reasons for which he is entering the business. His priorities would determine what sort of property he should go for. An objective self-assessment of the financial conditions of the investor is also in order to enable a correct decision to be taken.
In all cases, price of acquisition is most important, as this would govern the mortgage payments as well as the overall profitability of the venture.

If investment were being made for cash at short notice, the best bargain would be to locate property, which is under priced and get a contract for purchase. A real estate investor to whom the contract can be sold and a profit be made from the sale of the contract should then be located. This strategy would cut down both on the investment amount and the time to get ones part of the profit. Joining an investment club would allow access to real estate investors for selling the contract.

If the reason for getting into the real estate business were for a stream of income at regular intervals, it would be best to go for a house that is available relatively cheap and renovate it to generate a rental income, which is more than the periodical mortgage payments. Personal efforts put in for renovation would save on the costs. Location of such property may involve a bit of scouting around. Gathering information in advance about localities, which may have such properties, would come in handy. Over the years, the rental income would also increase.

If the goal is to earn a profit on the investment made at one go, it is best to get hold of property, which can fetch good money by receiving a face-lift. There are many people who have successfully used this strategy and earned massive profits. Proper structural repairs, good plumbing and a coat of paint can do wonders to the appearance of a house. Buying property in developing areas and holding it over a period of time to allow the price to appreciate is also one strategy that can be adopted. The property in question can be either a building or just vacant land.

One of the preferred methods of real estate investment is flipping houses. This needs locating low priced property, which can then be renovated and then sold for a higher price. Care should be taken that the property invested in does not require extensive structural repairs. House wiring, water pipes, the heating system, painting, carpeting, windowpanes, burglar alarms and minor repairs are generally the things to be done. If there is a garden, the services of a professional gardener to tone up the garden will bring a phenomenal change to the appearance of the property and would serve to justify an appreciably higher price. The strategy of buying and selling houses after renovating is known as flipping houses. This is one of the most tried and tested methods for profitable real estate investment and still has the potential to absorb countless entrepreneurs in this line. So any serious investor should avoid procrastination, take a considered decision and get started right away.