July 20, 2024


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Beach Houses in Charleston Sc

Looking for beach real estate in the Charleston, SC area?  You’ll find 6 beaches in Charleston to choose from, and each one has a different feel to it.

Folly Beach is one of the most popular for residents and tourists.  This is partly because it’s the most accessible beach to downtown Charleston.  It’s also the most affordable for vacation rentals and for buying real estate.  Overall, Folly Beach has a laid back feel to it, and it’s the most popular beach for students and surfers.  You’ll find plenty of restaurants, bars, and beach shops along Center Street, so there’s no need to leave the island to go out.  But, if you want to drive to downtown Charleston, you’re only about 15 minutes away.

Isle of Palms also sees a big demand from home buyers.  It’s the main beach that Mt. Pleasant residents visit, and it also sees a good deal of tourism.  So, if you’re looking for vacation home that you can rent out for vacationers, either of these beaches would be good for getting this additional income.  Part of the island belongs to Wild Dunes Resort (see below), so not all of the island is accessible to the residents.  Isle of Palms is 15-20 minutes from downtown Charleston, so you can easily go downtown for entertainment.  Mt. Pleasant is about a 5 minute drive, so there are a lot of things to do within a quick drive of the beach.

Wild Dunes Resort is a private beach resort located on the northern end of Isle of Palms.  Wild Dunes has great amenities, including several golf courses.  You’ll find a few restaurants (like a grill and a deli), but for the most part, residents leave the resort and go to either Mt. Pleasant or downtown Charleston.  If you’re looking for high end beach real estate with a close proximity to downtown, Wild Dunes may be a good option for you.

Sullivan’s Island is located just south of the Isle of Palms, so it also is conveniently located to Mt. Pleasant and downtown Charleston.  It’s the most historic beach in Charleston, and it’s mostly made up of houses.  You’ll find only a few condo buildings on the island.  There are some beautiful older homes – some date back to the early 1900s.  You’ll also see newer homes, and these can be found more on the beach side of the island.  There are only a couple of restaurants at the entrance of the island, so most residents and visitors leave the island for entertainment.  Although Sullivan’s Island has public beach accesses (like Folly Beach and Isle of Palms), it has a nicer feel to it.  It’s also considerably more expensive than these two beaches.

Kiawah Island is one of the most exclusive beaches in Charleston.  It has the best amenities of any of the beaches – world class tennis facilities and golf courses, pools, a spa, and upscale restaurants.  There is one public access on the southern tip of Kiawah.  It is part of the Charleston County Parks, and has paid admission.  Besides these park-goers, access is restricted to property owners and vacationers who are renting homes on the island.  Kiawah is located further out from downtown Charleston – it’s about a 30 to 40 minute drive.

Seabrook Island is very similar to Kiawah in that it’s a private beach resort, and it’s located directly south of Kiawah.  It also has great golf and tennis amenities, but it also has an equestrian center.  This is one of only a few community equestrian facilities in all of Charleston.  Kiawah and Seabrook have the priciest beach real estate in Charleston and have a high status associated with the areas.  They are also the most natural of the beaches.  They have very strict building guidelines in an effort to preserve the wildlife and natural beauty of the islands.