September 24, 2023


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Be a Good Host and Add Quality Bathroom Windows

There are a lot of concerns associated with the holiday season. It doesn’t matter how excited everybody would be, something always remains unfavorable or alarming to get rid of. Especially in Thanksgiving when friends and family come to stay at home, people are usually forced to make some arrangements in order to accommodate everyone. Their to-do list continues to grow over time- particularly changing the sheets and other items of the guest room, polishing the silver and china ware, kitchen preps, clearing junk from the living area, pruning the bushes and many more! Although it would be easy to overlook some of them, there are still some necessary details can have to do at all cost.

What most of the hosts have to consider is the guest bathroom that needs to be in good condition just like other bathrooms. Nobody likes the idea of entering to a place that is either deteriorated or not having necessary items in place. Even, some experts claim that hosts can make their seasonal parties a big success by providing a comfy and relaxing place to spend some time alone. Bathrooms usually serve for this purpose and therefore, every element needs to work properly.

While looking at the guest bathroom, paint and windows get most of the attention because they dictate overall appearance. Their condition and performance needs to remain at satisfactory or else, hosts should take appropriate measures. They can check this link or take help from the experts to proceed with the following steps:

  • Neutralize the Theme

Guest room is the place that has to accommodate people of all ages. Likewise, the appearance of bathroom should appeal to the masses, meaning that it gives welcoming feel to best friends, mother, sister, mother-in-law and everybody using it. So, the rule of thumb is to create the neutral theme with eggshell accent pieces and fresh white fabrics to maximize spaciousness. For bathroom windows, hosts must search for appropriate matches.

  • Add Necessary Accessories

It may be the same bathroom since it was constructed but, does it have all important accessories that guests need? Hosts can have a stellar review from the guests by offering all necessary accessories that are available in hotels as well. There should be enough plush robes, clean white towels and a wicker basket with shampoo, conditioner, organic soaps, travel size toothpaste and body lotion.

  • Bright and Clean

Keep in mind that dingy and dark bathrooms are uninviting and unpleasant to step into. Again, go for bright fixtures, walls and clean lines to change everything inside. Use white beadboard wainscoting, a white tin tile ceiling and plain tan tiles on the ground to create vintage modern appeal. In case there are large bathroom windows, be sure to install window treatments or frosted windows for privacy.

  • Proper Ventilation

Since bathrooms have higher level of humidity due to baths and showers, hosts should provide enough space to let humidity escape the place. They minimize dependency on fans and help to save a significant amount of energy to cut down expenses. If needed, they can also install blinds for bathroom windows to ensure privacy while maintaining low humidity level.