June 20, 2024


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Bangsaen (Thailand) Vacation Property Rentals

Renting a vacation home in Thailand is becoming an increasingly popular thing to do. Why? Because you can get a fantastic property at a price that offers great value for money. A prime location is the coastal town of Bangsaen, which is just an hours drive from Bangkok’s international airport. Several new estates have been established in Bangsaen and the surrounding area, in which Thais and non-Thais alike have built or bought homes. These properties definitely fall within the luxury category, with cutting edge interior design, private swimming pools and landscaped gardens. Lots of them are right on beach-front – at most you will be 10 minutes walk away from the sea. As the owners of these homes normally have other properties elsewhere too, they are not in Bangsaen for most of the year. Therefore, they often rent out their Bangsaen property to tourists to earn extra income when they are not living in it themselves. So, you can find yourself a home from home whilst you are in Thailand. How much you end up paying to temporarily rent a luxury home in Bangsaen depends on the type of property that you opt for. Comparing like for like properties in Bangsaen and properties in coastal towns in your home country, you can expect to be paying a fraction of the price. As a rough guide, to rent a modern 4 bedroom home for a week, prices start from around $100. There are several Bangsaen real estate firms available to help you find the right property for you – either for renting or for buying. Just tell them what kind of property you want and what your budget is, and they will show you relevant properties from their portfolio. If you just want some ideas of the types of properties available, and exactly how much they cost, then you can also check out their websites.