June 24, 2024


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AmPm Mini Market Franchise Review

The convenience stores, ampm are a subsidiary of BP America, Inc., and people know the brand as a fixture to the ARCO and BP gas stations. The convenience brand, ampm is always there for fountain drinks; coffee and fast food as the first grab for tired road travelers, but stocked up very much with over 2000 products to let everyone feel quite at home.  A strong bond of faith for right products and price has developed within consumers over the years of existence of ampm gas station convenience stores, wherever they go.

Strong Global Name

Better to call ampm as a mega market for its dominating presence from Oregon to Osaka, spanning the globe from east to west. The company’s pan American presence is pretty visible in the United States in Washington, California, Oregon, Indiana, Illinois, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania Georgia and others. ampm’s brand is also in Brazil and Costa Rica as a part of Ipiranga stations, in Argentina and Chile with Repsol-YPF/ACA stations, and in Mexico with Pemex stations.

A Bright Prospect For The Franchisees

Visibly, movement of the people is on a continuous rise with the increase of exploring newer opportunities and hence the expansion to areas that were labeled yesterday as remote.  It is already resized that many have no time to shop for buying daily necessities for need of covering a long distance to go to the works.

The mini world of convenience stores, ampm are offering them a great support to carry on with personal requirements, while on the way.

Expanding Franchisee Market

The franchisee business was started by the company in 1979 with company’s vision to create mini markets with the gasoline stations throughout the United States and in other countries. You can get a better idea of the growth rate of ampm franchise stores in the US market with the number of franchises at 1,055 in the last year in comparison to 667 in 2006.

The company has ambitious plans for the growth of convenience stores. Presently, the company is interested in developing franchises in California, West Washington, Midwest, Arizona, Nevada and the areas of Southeast in the US.

Internationally, the franchise operation is planned for Canada, South America, Central America, Mexico, Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Required Investment

The total projected outlay of capital is approximately from $2, 500,000 to $6,270,900, which includes the cost of real estate. The prescribed liquid cash requirement is from $700,000 – $1,000,000.

AmPm Franchisee Opportunities

The corporate decision is to make the ampm stores a completely franchisee oriented convenience brand facility. The company is providing some options to choose from like developing new ampm facilities with land and construction, Re-branding the existing stores and bidding for the company owned existing stores. The whole thing is being viewed as a new industry with a different dimension of retailing.

Offered Advantages

For purchase of the company owned stores, the company offers full architectural designing and project management support. The marketing supports in-store promotions and advertisement on TV and radio under regional advertisement plans. The company provides support of toll-free line, internet and safety and security needs. The ampm store franchise is rated high for the immense potential in convenience brands.