June 20, 2024


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Acquiring Land For Recreational Purposes – A Growing Trend in Rural Real Estate

Recreational property has become attractive over the years. Whether for investment or residency purposes, you will find out that this aspect of real estate is gaining prominence on the investment horizon. According to statistics, the number two reason for land investment in the USA is recreation.

Now people do not have to travel to far way land such as Africa to pursue their hobbies. They can simply buy a piece of land in the rural area and do hunting, bird watching, surfing or even hiking. These outdoor activities can be conducted without any hindrances on recreational property and it has been one of the factors that has driven the cost of rural land up. Many people who would like to retire in peace and quiet and will also find these types of properties ideal.

People can buy recreational property as way to reduce residency costs. Apartments in the city cost so high and many middle income families would like to relocate to the rural areas where they can have a large area to themselves for rent or purchase at very low prices.

Many others would just want a quiet place to relax. They are tired of the bustle and hustle of city life and would want to get a remote place to live their lives.

Telecommuting has made it possible to live in the rural areas and still be able to work. Working through internet, a worker can relax in his recreational property home and still communicate with the main office or send reports about his work.

For people who cannot afford to buy country homes to which they retire during the holidays, recreational property with few buildings will be a good substitute. They can enjoy the quiet of the rural areas and pay less.

Advances in modern technology have made these once forbidden areas of the country come alive. You can now have all modern conveniences such as internet and cell phone services in most recreational property through satellite. Solar panels are now able to provide electric power to areas that were once not serviced by power grids. Wells and modern easy to use water purification chemicals make life comfortable for people living in areas without tap water. So essentially, recreational property has come to be viable investments for people.

The interest in recreational property has become so keen that, many people are converting ordinary rural land into hobby farms, ranches, hunting grounds and fishing cottages.

Various approaches have been adopted. As the value of recreational land become expensive, many people have sorted to buying land highly unsuitable for farming. These are properties that comes at low cost because its low agricultural value. The buyers look out for land with trees and other natural endowments and then convert it to a high value recreational plot for sale or personal use. This technique has worked well for many and seems to be catching on in rural Kentucky. These lands have been bought from their owners at very low prices because the sellers have thought that their agricultural usefulness was minimal.

A growing trend is the use of the land for both recreation and farming. The owners would enjoy their hunting, gaming, fishing or horse riding and at the same time cultivate plants that will protect the environment so that they qualify for payments under the Conservation Reserve Program. So this class of investors is looking for areas to invest their money and at the same time have fun in quiet.

There have been cases when bird watchers had purchased ranches to convert into hobby property. These investors have driven the sale of old ranches up.

In southern states like Texas, the demand for land for quail and err hunting has always been high. The terrain and geographical endowment make the area quite attractive for this type of sports and that has driven many buyers to that area.