April 14, 2024


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About the Donald Trump Success Story in Real Estate Investing

Getting the low down on real estate investing straight from Donald Trump is sure to be an educative experience and it will certainly show you how to succeed enough in this line of business to perhaps even become the next real estate investing tycoon for yourself. In fact, it may actually surprise you to learn that in order to become wealthy from the real estate business you need not make any substantial investments. Though at the same time it must be admitted that real estate investing with enough capital is a sure and easy way to build sustainable as well as real wealth.

No Time Like The Present To Get Into Real Estate Investing

To be sure, according to Donald Trump, with mortgage rates not very high at present and with tax laws leaning towards investing in real estate, there is no time like the present to profit from the gold rush in real estate investing that is taking place right now. In addition, he also points out that as many as twelve million homes are transacted in any given year which means that if you know the real estate investing business well enough there is sure to be many lucrative deals on offer that will come your way and from which you too can earn a decent amount of money.

The truth of the matter is that whether you are like Donald Trump, who has made a fortune out of investing in the skyscrapers of New York, or just an average real estate investor the same principles will work in either case and there is no difference except the size of the property being transacted. This of course, raises the question of how an average person can indulging in real estate investing profit the Donald Trump way. The answer is that one should follow one of the philosophies propounded by Donald Trump and that is to improve any location.

As a matter of fact, this is the same way that Trump first succeeded in real estate investing when he began by closing a deal on a twelve hundred unit foreclosure deal in Cincinnati, Ohio. At this time, Trump along with his father turned an apartment complex into a wonderfully successful real estate investing proposition without even investing a penny. Thus, you can take a leaf out of his book and also try to improve locations just like he did in his first real estate investing business venture.

Another tip worth learning from Donald Trump is learning from the knowledge he gained regarding how the government helps property buyers even though they (the buyers) did not have much financial clout. If you too can learn how to avail of such governmental aid, it could put you in a stronger position when you get into real estate investing. Furthermore, you must also be as passionate about this line of business as Trump is, because only then will you also be able to profit from your endeavors.

Trump in fact likens his penchant for making deals to a painter painting on canvas or a poet writing wonderful poetry. Thus, you can draw your own conclusions about whether being passionate about real estate investing will prove to be as profitable for you as it was in the case of Donald Trump. The fact of the matter is that today New York has some very notable examples of the Trump success story in the form of the well-known Trump Tower, The Trump International Hotel & Tower, The Trump Park Avenue and Trump Building located at 40 Wall Street. In addition, the Trump success story has made him owner of a number of golf courses and he is at present also developing another huge building.

Of course, an average person indulging in real estate investing won’t be blessed with having the kind of knowledge that Trump owns, and he also won’t have the kind of money that Trump commands. However, if you can understand and know what it takes to succeed in this line of business, you too can earn at least a small fraction of the fortune that Trump has earned by learning from the master himself.