April 23, 2024


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Abington subdivison in Apex, NC – A true family Nieghborhood

Apex is a city known to take pride in its heritage and roots. Even though the city has caught up with the changing times and needs of the hour they haven’t left their history behind. This can be well noticed in the architecture of the place. As per the Apex NC real estate listings, theproperties which are talked about are all of the yester years. There are many new developments happening in the area of real estate as per the Apex NC real estate information, still the ones which are there from older times are preferred. The designs of the old buildings are even taken up by the new upcoming ones giving a peculiar look to the whole city.

The town is aptly named as the Apex, as it is placed at the Apex of the Chatham railroad. It is well connected with all the busy cities and other towns. Also the city itself resides some of the important places of work like their very own chamber of commerce. Then they have the research triangle park which is just next to the Silicon Valley in degree of eminence. Looking at such factors it is genuine if the Apex NC real estate information says that it is a very hot spot for real estate buyers and investors. The Apex NC real estate listings have also been very active in the whole business in telling the recent updates in the area of real estate’s making it possible for the city to grow. As per the recent Apex NC real estate listings there have been a lot of options in the category of subdivisions. They all ad own combinations of houses and plans available and all were providing some added amenities along with them. They were generally well established living spaces with a well developed society for company and entertainment. Amongst the available options in the Apex NC real estate information one is the Abington subdivision. The Abington subdivision is a golden opportunity not to be missed. It is ranked as the 100th best place in America to live in by the money magazine in the year 2007. It is one of those buildings which are totally equipped with all the modern day facilities but have maintained their yester year looks. And all this amalgamation in the appearance is thanks to the fact that the construction of this particular subdivision happened in two stages. The first stage was long done in the year of 1999. The single family homes then were priced $380,000 to $ 470,000. And the later part was finished in the year of 2008, and the prices ranged from the $500,000 to $650,000. The area covered ranges from 3000squre feet to 4000 square feet, which is like huge. It is a charming combination of the small town allure and the sub urban conveniences. It is located near to the Beaver Creek Commons shopping center which is not just shopping complex but also houses a movie theater and the major brands.

Hence the place comes across as an apt abode for the modern single families with young couples or working professionals.