May 25, 2024


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9 Tips On Buying a First Home

You feel grown-up and want to live independently, separate from the parent would think to have a private home. So even you are newly married with a spouse, would be uncomfortable if living with parents, so that the first house into a dream place. Buying a dream home is a big decision. You also need to make sure your financial condition of daily life are not disturbed when buying a home or after. For loans tips, you can see through

Here are 9 tips on buying a first home

Select type ofhouse that meetsyour needs

Determine the area of home you need, and the number of rooms and other space you need. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional style home? Do you want to live in housing with a uniform look of the house or buy a house that you can later change your heart’s content? With this in mind will help you to not be careless with just buying a house. Remember, buying a home is the biggest purchase of your life. Detailed by home details such as what you need.

The Property Exhibition

Diligent property and home to art exhibitions are held. You can freely choose a wide selection of homes that match your criteria. By looking at various options, you can calculate the advantages and disadvantages of homes that have attracted your attention. You also may be wondering direct and more detailed information about the home you’re looking for.

Consult With Property Agent

If a lot of the things you less understand about purchasing a home, you may consult a real estate agent. The agent will help you look for a home that suits your needs and according to your ability. Agents also will help you in the process such as negotiation, get a loan to complete the necessary paperwork. If you buy a house from a property developer, check the track record of the developer. Find out through the internet is there are quite severe complaints from some buyers.

Determining Payment Method

Method of payment offered by property developers usually hard cash, cash and housing loans. Customize the way of payment with your purchasing power. If you have funds enough to pay hard cash it is better choose this payment method, because of course a lot of advantages, you do not need to think about the amount of installment at a later date so that your money can be used for other purposes without allocating it to the mortgage. For those of you who do not have cash in large amounts, can choose a mortgage or installment gradually.

Home Conditions

Check the quality and the overall condition of your prospective new home. Do not until you find a serious disability covered by home sellers. If you find it, you need to negotiate with the owner of the house, whether to get a rebate, or the seller is willing to do repairs, or even your right to cancel the purchase.


If you are a newly married couple or young family, pay attention to environmental conditions become quite important. Is your neighborhood is conducive to place your children’s growth. Child development here is not only physical but also psychological. Consider choosing a beautiful environment and lots of trees.

Prepare an Emergency Fund for Your Home

By having a new home can be there will be a large unexpected expense, like you want to install the water heater, air conditioning, and the purchase of new furniture or other funds that are not counted previously. Not to mention for the care of the course can take a hefty fee. So start an emergency fund Who are long before you incur the cost of buying a home.


Cheap precious home are generally located far from the city center. If you still want to buy, consider whether access from your home is close enough to the main road? Consider also whether the location of your home close to shops, shopping centers, hospitals, schools, and others. If your chosen location away from where you work, think about how the fee should you spend along with fatigue you get. Remember that buying a house as a residence means the house will occupy for long periods of time, so do not regret it later on.