May 29, 2024


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8 Tips Before Buy a New House

Have their own home can be a dream of all people. And for those who are serious and really the intention to make it happen, it will save as much as possible in order to have their own home dream come true. For loans tips, you can see at
For those of you who are now planning to buy a first home, a good home ready stock or pivot house, you should consider some of the following guidelines.
1. Take advantage of the services of a real estate agent
There is no harm in also requested information from the agent about the home that is being sold. Many property developers who use the services of an agent to market his latest project.
In addition to having the latest information, they also have extensive knowledge about the prospects for the property at a location along with the price range and the existing public facilities in the vicinity.
2. Check the contractor’s work
There are some big developers who have experience working on large-scale housing, but some are untested credibility. If you are unsure of the results of their work, it never hurts to check directly to the location where they are working on the latest project.
Check the legality of construction permits, whether they comply with the law and run the business with discipline? You can figure this out through consumers before.
3. Know the neighborhood
Before buying, find out as much as possible about the area a place to stay. Learn about the culture surrounding community and its crime rate by wandering around housing several times a week.
4. Do not be too many custom
Select the type of home that suits your needs and family. There are some developers who offer customization on the facade and the floor plan of the room. Still not too many changes, especially on the exterior of the building.
Permanent make your home appear ‘similar’ to a few houses around so as not to appear conspicuous.
5. Understand the plan space
Usually mapping plan space is equipped with the size of the room with a certain scale. Learn the size of the room very well so you can have a clear visualization of the function of the room from each other.
Some developers even have complementary projects with virtual reality technology. This technology lets you take a virtual tour into a project like being in your office without the need to come to the building site.
6. Ask about the warranty
In general, developers offer a guarantee of building materials and work about three months after the handover process. But you should ask more details about the risk of damage that occurs when the rainy season lasts longer than a period of three months.
Do not let the rainy season, claim the warranty is expired.
7. Make a direct survey
Before the process of sale and purchase agreement, it is better if you do a survey of all the housing units. You will soon occupy the house, then before officially making a purchase worth asking much detail as possible to the developer.
There are many unexpected problems that can occur in new homes. You can ask for the help of acquaintances contractor to check the condition of the building in detail.
To obtain information about new housing with depth reviews and reliable so it is feasible to be used as reference buy a new home.