April 14, 2024


Mad about real estate

5 ways to get more real estate buyers and real estate leads fast

Real Estate buyers are everywhere, and they need a good real estate agent. Check out this list for some ideas to find qualified buyer that are ready to purchase some real estate.

1. Offer a “Hot Deals” list or a “Foreclosure” list. Have a website where they can sign up to get it, or even a number to call. (The website will be more effective.) You can advertise this list on your open house flyers, business cards, listing flyers, Craigslist ads, etc…

2. Use Facebook paid advertising to market directly to your key demographic. Are you looking for college students nearing graduation that attend a certain local college? Or maybe doctors or attorneys that work near a new high end development being built? You can do that by using that specific criteria when setting up your ad. Be creative with your Facebook advertising and it will pay off.

3. Hold first time buyer training classes or seminars. You may want to make it more exciting by teaching them how to find good deals on foreclosures, and other things that will seem interesting to first time buyers.

4. Start a foreclosure tour. You’ve probably heard of people running the “Foreclosure Tour Buses”. You don’t have to do it on that level, but you will certainly find people in your area that are curious about foreclosures. You could advertise on Craigslist.com to see what type of interest there is in your region.

5. SOI (Sphere of Influence). I’m pretty sure every new agent that went to a class had to make a list of 50 or more people that they already know. Too many people don’t use this well enough, and miss out on a lot of potential sales. Try this. Call EVERY SINGLE PERSON on your list this week. Use this script: “Hello Mr. Jackson. This is “Your Name”. How have you been? I am actually calling today about a business matter. As you probably remember, I am in the real estate business. I was wondering, out of everyone that you know, who do you think would be the most likely person to think about buying or selling real estate some time in the future? With your permission I’d like to give them a quick phone call…”Notice we don’t ask them about who is ALREADY interested in buying or selling. It would be too easy for them to say they don’t know anyone. This way they will almost certainly think of someone.