December 11, 2023


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5 Blunders You Should Avoid If You Want to Sell Your Home ASAP

4 Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid

As a first-time seller, you’ll soon find that the entire process can be surprisingly time-consuming, emotionally challenging, and downright exhausting.

If you want to sell your house, your biggest wish is for the place to get sold quickly and at a high profit. But more often than not, the house takes a long time to sell, and you see few advantages to the work and time you put into it. Here are five reasons why this happens.

Reason #1: You Did Not Clean the House Thoroughly

If you want your house to sell fast, you cannot afford to leave it in a messy state. Your home has to look clean and presentable, or else few people will see it as a viable option, and you will be back at square one. If you think you can get away with a lackluster clean-up because you’re confident you’re going to move out soon anyway, think again. If doing the cleaning yourself is not a desirable idea, consider getting a professional cleaning team to get the house to a pristine state.

Reason #2: You Are Not Pricing Your House Right

If you want to sell your house quickly, you have to price it right. A lot of sellers make the mistake of pricing their houses too high from the get-go. If you do this, you might still attract a few interested buyers, but the house won’t sell quickly, and the few interested buyers you might get in the beginning will disappear long before the house gets sold.

On the other hand, if you price your house too low, you risk selling it for less than what you would have earned if you priced it correctly. Of course, it’s possible that you could get lucky and sell it quickly, but the chances of that happening are much lower than if you priced it right.

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Reason #3: You Did Not Do Any Advertising

If you want your house to sell quickly, you need to market it in some way. You don’t want to just rely on word of mouth, though, because it won’t work. Instead, you should create some advertising material and distribute it to the houses in your neighborhood. Better still, target potential buyers who are likely to be interested in your home, so for example, if you have a house that is great for families, send out flyers to families in your neighborhood.

Also, do not underestimate the power of social media and the internet in general. Many homebuyers start their house-hunting journey online, and if your home is not there, well, it won’t be found, would it?

Reason #4: You Put Off Potential Buyers

There are tons of reasons why you might put off potential buyers who come to see your home. You might be too afraid to say no to them, so you agree to let them look around even when they are not interested. On the other hand, you might be too busy to give them the attention they need, so you send them back without the keys.

Regardless of what you do, putting off potential buyers is not a good idea because it’s not good for your relationship with them. You might end up sending them back because you think they are not interested, only to find out later that they were interested, and you lost the chance to get that sale. Worse, they might tell others about their experience with you, which is also not good for your reputation.

Reason #5: You Take Bad Photos of Your Property

If you want your house to be seen by many potential buyers, you have to take photos of it. But if your photos are bad, they won’t get approved on the MLS system, and potential buyers won’t see them at all. If you are not an expert when it comes to taking photos, hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your property. Better yet, use a real estate photographer but ensure that they are good at their job before hiring them.


There are only five of the many potential reasons why your house does not sell quickly. What’s important, though, is that you can do something about them to sell your home quickly. Take the time to clean up, price your house right, advertise it, deal with interested buyers carefully and take gorgeous photos of it. Doing those five things will help you find more potential house buyers.

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