My Sister and I Had to Move

My sister and I have been living in a rental house for the past two years. Last week we found out that there was mold in the house and we lost everything including all of our furniture. We are both devastated by the loss but know that we have to move on and find another place to live. A friend of ours told us about Mission Viejo luxury apartments that are affordable and suggested we look further into them. We went to the local library to use their computers since we lost ours and started researching new apartments.

We got so excited when we found an apartment community that not only was affordable but also had two bedroom apartments that were already furnished. We felt like we hit the jackpot because we didn’t know how we were going to be able to afford new furniture. It seemed like the dark clouds were opening up for us. We were also happy to see that they had a swimming pool, a fitness center, and home security. I know we will both use the fitness center a lot since we are health nuts. The more we saw the more we were liking this place.

We made a plan to call first thing tomorrow morning to find out some information and possibly take a tour. We knew that our luck had to change at some point, and it seemed that this was the changing point for that to happen. When we took the tour just two days later, we both fell in love with it. The two bedroom apartment really is perfect for us, and the location is even better for us than where we lived before. I know that we are going to be happy here because there are so many things to do here, and it is a great apartment with a lot of amenities inside it. It is nice to have things finally working out again.

Harrison Holderby

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