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My Sister and I Had to Move

My sister and I have been living in a rental house for the past two years. Last week we found out that there was mold in the house and we lost everything including all of our furniture. We are both devastated by the loss but know that we have to move on and find another place to live. A friend of ours told us about Mission Viejo luxury apartments that are affordable and suggested we look further into them. We went to the local library to use their computers since we lost ours and started researching new apartments.

We got so excited when we found an apartment community that not only was affordable but also had two bedroom apartments that were already furnished.…

Important Things to Remember When House Hunting

They say that one of the most stressful times in someone’s life is when they are buying a house. There are so many things to consider, it usually requires spending a lot of money, and can be made even harder if there is more than one person involved in the decision-making process. Often times a couple can have different ideas of what is important in a home and it may take some compromising to make everyone happy. Once you know you want or need to move, it can be hard to figure out where to start. We have compiled some useful tips below to help you avoid missing anything.

Have Priorities

The best way to start is by making a list of your priorities. These can be big and small, don’t hesitate to start big and pare it down as you go until you have a list of non-negotiable priorities, and another list of preferences, if that is helpful. Is accessibility to public transportation or being near a park important? Do you have to have a bathtub or maybe you won’t settle for a home without a front porch? Everybody has their own preferences but it is important to get them all out in the open in the beginning.

Be Willing to Compromise

Once you have your list, or lists, of priorities you should do a run through and see where you can be flexible. Especially if you have a partner in this process, take time to go over each of your priorities and preferences, there will be some overlap but there will also be items that are more favored by one than the other. Be willing to compromise from the start, but remember to carry that with you throughout the process. There may be times where you find a house you love but it is missing one thing from your list. If you can, let this go. Finding a home with 90% of your priorities met is a huge accomplishment.

Neighborhoods Can Change

Whether you are relocating to a neighborhood near your current home, or across the country, make sure you take time to explore the area thoroughly. Sometimes neighborhoods become trendy but will be over crowded within a matter of years. Other times a neighborhood may have a bad rap but be on its way to becoming an exciting vibrant place to live. If you don’t have a car to get around and visit neighborhoods outside of your immediate surroundings, you can rent a car from Sixt and see how those areas compare to what you know and are familiar with.

Take Your Time

Do not ever feel like you have to rush through the viewing of a house. Buying a house is a huge purchase, and it is important to make sure you have the time to check out everything. Not only do you want to be sure all your furniture will fit, but you want to avoid missing anything that may come up in an …

Things Are Changing for My Husband and Me

When I met a guy from Turkey a couple of years ago, all of our friends pushed us to go out on a date. I found him to be worldly and fascinating, but I had no idea that we would fall in love and marry in the end. Soon after, I found myself looking for apartments in Istanbul with him, and it was so surreal! I never thought that I would be leaving my own country for a visit, much less living anywhere. But now, I am so happy about where life has led me. I always thought that I would remain living in a small town, meet a local guy and spend the rest of my life in the same small area.

The man that I’m now married to is wonderful. In fact, he treats me with more respect than anyone else I have dated in my own home country. We have wonderful chemistry. We laugh, smile and do what we can to make our marriage stronger ever step of the way.…

We Found a Great Company That Saved Us a Lot of Time

I work so many hours every week. The thought of all the work that would need to be done to find a new place to live without any help did not seem very appealing. My wife is very busy with work and our children, so she was not looking forward to it either. She then saw a commercial on TV about a company that works as being a really good apartment finder for Nashville residents. We immediately knew that it would be something that we would be interested in. We both found ourselves hoping that the server would live up to our expectations and it did.

My wife is the one who called the company to ask them questions. The process seemed pretty simple up front.…

It Might Just Be a Permanent Apartment After All

My husband and I knew that we were going to make Tampa our home. We had moved around a lot prior to this, so it was really exciting to finally know that we were settling down once and for all. The only bad thing about it was that we had very little time, so we decided to look at luxury apartments in Tampa FL rather than live out of a hotel until we found a house that we wanted. We wanted to get our twin sons established in their new school as quickly as possible.

We figured that we would be able to stay in an apartment for a year and get used to the area. That way, we would know which area of town we wanted to live in. The boys both groaned at having to live in an apartment, but that only lasted until they saw where we were going to live.…