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How Can I Identify a Legitimate Cash Home Buyer? It is possible that you want to sell your home as is due to many circumstances. Included here are relocation to another country due to a job change, medical emergencies, or when you realize that the amounts you will spend on renovations may not be recouped from the sale. The large number of homes for cash buyers make it tough to pick a legitimate party. What are the indicators that a company that buys houses for cash is genuine. Seek a list of testimonials and ensure to verify them since that will tell you if the company is legitimate. Most importantly, inquire if the sellers received satisfactory amounts for their homes.Also, the home sale process must have been done seamlessly and fast. The marketing techniques in use by a cash home buying firm will tell you a lot about its genuineness since illegitimate ones use sketchy means. Such companies often place signs on telephone poles and other illegal spots. Except a message that says ‘we buy homes for cash’ and a telephone number, there won’t be any other useful piece of information on such signs.
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No genuine cash for homes firm will ask you to pay for an offer or the valuation of your home. Also, you will not be required to part with consultation fees because the buyer will only give you a cash offer. The aim of getting people who buy real estate properties fast is to get cash, but not parting with it.
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You will get an unprofessional response when you call an illegitimate company for any reason. You will notice it when the person who picks your call fails to mention that he or she is representing a certain company. An illegitimate company also uses free mail for its official communication. Many dishonest homes for cash buyers never have the funds to make the purchase. They will come up with excuses to delay the purchase. Therefore, ask for a 5 to 10 percent nonrefundable down payment to determine legitimacy. Also, no further transactions should take place until the check clears. Illegitimate companies make it hard for anyone to trace them. It will be hard to find contact or other information when you visit its site. Even its social media profile will not help in that end. If you notice that the buyer is overly eager, it could be a sign of illegitimacy. Such a buyer will pressure you to sign the sale documents and take offense if you propose to have your lawyer scrutinize them.


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